The ultimate DayZ experience

  • Advanced Crafting

    Collect unique resources and craft dozens of objects and items like backpacks, traps and medical essentials that can only be found on TiMz.

    Large Weapon Variety

    We´ve added some awesome new weapons like AN-94, HK-416, Groza´s, AK-100 series, a ton of pistols and many many variants (eg. M16A1, M16A2 etc.).

    Weapon Attachments

    Mod your favorite weapon! Attach and detach a multiple amount of extensions for your weapon like sights, grenade launcher, suppressor etc.

  • Superior performance

    We´ve invested many hours to rewrite a huge amount of code and scripts to improve clients and server performance.

    New vehicles

    Many vehicles have been left on Panthera. Armed military and civilian transport also... and to make it more fun, some new helicopters and a plane have been added.

    want a new dress?

    Choose from 20+ skins! Friendly-survivor or bandit-like skins? Military or civlian? What will you choose for your survivor.

  • Balanced Gameplay

    High end gear is hard to get! We keep an eye on balancing the spawn rate of high-end loot to give you a long-time motivation and to support the team play on TiMz.


    Only selected players and teams will play on TiMz to privide you an unbefuckingleavable experience. You need to apply for approval to join TiMz Server.


    On TiMz we not only use common anti-cheat protection. There are several own solutions which helps us to keep the hackers out!

Getting started